About Wattsenglish Ltd.

Wattsenglish Ltd.

  • A British company specialising in children's education using the proven Wattsenglish method, based on natural language learning;

What Do We Do?

  • We teach English to children in kindergartens and elementary schools (both state and private), using certified teachers of English. Our educational programmes are implemented in the form of both extra-curricular activities and within a school's compulsory lessons.
  • We educate teachers and maintain high teaching standards. In our educational programmes, English is taught to children by certified teacher, who undergo special online training and get Wattsenglish International TEFL Certificate (WITC);
  • We develop special interactive educational materials with human face, which provide authentic contact with a native English speaker (human face) and bring English to each childīs home;
  • In addition, the company organises highly popular English summer camps, both residential and daily programmes (available in larger towns, where children return home at the end of each day);

What Is Wattsenglish Methodology of Based on?

  • Wattsenglish methodology represents a verified approach to language teaching for children. Find a brief introduction here.
  • The methodology is supported by both the EU (through awarded grants in the area of interactive educational materials and teacher training programmes) and OMEP, world's largest non-governmental organisation dealing with education of children under the age of 10 (our methodologists are regular speakers at annual conferences and organise training events for OMEP's members);
  • In Central Europe, our methodology is supported by an number of institutions including, the Czech Ministry of Education, which accredited the Wattsenglish method of teaching and published an outline of the techniques used in a book for Czech teachers. The publication has been made available to the wider network of kindergartens;

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