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Hello and welcome to the Wattsenglish teacherís page. It is here that you can check pacing schedules to see if you are on track, refresh yourself with some training notes and methodology tips, or find a world of supplementary materials to review and revise previously taught vocabulary and/or language structures.

  • Pacing schedules
  • Supplementary materials
  • Wattsenglish Methodology
    Look down the list of notes and guides to help you keep your teaching Standards high.
  • Songs
    Click on the topic you want to find a song to and print the lyrics in needed.
  • Video Clips
    Educational and fun video clips in thematic chapters. Each clip is accompanied by instructions for the teacher to help you use them in school. The parents also have access to these clips to help increase their childís exposure to the target language. Corresponding worksheets are for home use.
  • Computer Games
    The games are mainly for home use, but feel free to play them here in order to decide what language you need to introduce to the children before your recommend the game to parents.
  • Activity Pages
    These pages are additional to the books used in a Wattsenglish course and are intended for home use. Although you might like to print a sample page to show the children and their parents or set something from the Kids Club page as homework.
  • Rhymes & Poems
  • Flashcards

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