Why Choose Wattsenglish?

  • It was created in cooperation with expert linguists and psychologists;
  • It really is efficient! For several years, it has been successfully practised in hundreds of courses all over the Czech Republic. Watch our video clips to see for yourself how children speak and react at the beginning of the course and how they have developed after 3 or 4 months.
  • It's basically a controlled game; it is extremely entertaining for children, providing high motivation.
  • Wattsenglish uses qualified licensed teachers
  • Wattsenglish uses proven unique teaching materials with human face and such a level of interactivity that you cannot find in any other teaching materials in the market

Let's raise your children's language competence!

They will find it an entertaining game to understand their teacher and to communicate in English.

WOW! Wattsenglish


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