This project concerns the promotion of cultural awareness in pre-school children through the production of specialised teaching materials and their implementation in country specific kindergarten days.

The project is needed to feed the childrenīs natural curiosity about the world and to maintain the childrenīs openmindedness about other cultures. It is hoped that the project will help to avoid the re-enforcing of outdated stereotypes, and the superficial trivialisation of cultures.

Through direct and indirect contact with people from other cultures, as well as through the online bank of resources, the project will help it to become easier to spread ideas, experience and good practice between educators of pre-school children. In addition, during the work, both children and participating staff will become more motivated to learn foreign languages and will be able to co-operate on areas of mutual interest.

Each of the participating countries will produce their own presenation about their home country, which will include photographs, maps and other materials highlighting interesting features and facts on people, homes, landscape, language and places of work/education.

These interactive presentations, together with more information about typical childrenīs songs, dances, popular games, country specific recipes and traditional stories, will be published on this website.

The participating countries of the project are: Norway, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Russia and the Czech Republic. However, it is necessary to note that this project is open to any other country interested in joining.

Project Comenius