Let’s learn and play in English!

For elementary schools

Elementary schools across the world use the fun-filled Wow! materials and the Wattsenglish method. Join us too! There are several unique characteristics of Wow! materials for teaching English children at elementary schools:

  • Using real human face to encourage communication
  • Motivating your teachers and children alike through fun and interactive video clips and video songs

You can use our comprehensive methodology (fully integrated into the engaging Wow! materials) to teach English as an individual school subject or you can use the materials to enrich other school subjects with short English activities (the CLIL approach).

  • Fun, educational and memorable lessons for children
  • Easy and user friendly courses for teachers
  • Short but highly motivational interactive video clips and video songs
  • With the help of Steve and Maggie throughout the Wow! materials, elementary school teachers only need to know a little English at a basic level to help the children learn and play.

It’s easy. We can send you:

  • The Child´s Pack (1 per child) – Workbook (used in the school), CD and DVD (used at home)
  • The Teacher´s Pack (1 per teacher) – DVD, CD, workbook, the teacher´s book, teaching manual with game-bank, flashcards, Maggie puppet, CD for teachers, happy/sad stamps…

You can find a detailed presentation on the Child’s Pack and Teacher´s Pack here.

How to use our Wow! materials?

  • We will train you in a skype or online training session to cover how to use the interactive Wow! materials and to show you how everything is planned in a user friendly wayJ. More details about our training programme can be found here.