Let’s learn and play in English!

For kindergartens

Kindergartens across the world use our fun-filled Wow! materials and the Wattsenglish method, you can join us too!

  • Your children will enjoy interacting with Steve, a real native English speaking teacher, and his puppet friend Maggie in the familiarity of their own kindergarten classroom.
  • Short but highly motivational interactive video clips and video songs will quickly enable your children to communicate in English.
  • With the help of Steve and Maggie throughout the Wow! materials, kindergarten teachers only need to know a little English at a basic level to help the children learn and play.

It’s easy. We can send you:

  • The Child´s Pack (1 per child) – Workbook (used in the kindergarten), CD and DVD (used at home)
  • The Teacher´s Pack (1 per teacher) – DVD, CD, workbook, the teacher´s book, teaching manual with game-bank, flashcards, Maggie puppet, CD for teachers, happy/sad stamps…

You can find a detailed presentation on the Child’s Pack and Teacher´s Pack here.

How to use our Wow! materials?

  • We will train you in a skype or online training session to cover how to use the interactive Wow! materials and to show you how everything is planned in a user friendly wayJ. More details about our training programme can be found here.