Wow! ORANGE (Sample Unit 3: My House)



  • Real faces, not just simple cartoon characters
  • 32 self-contained situations which contextualise the target language
  • 10 new words and a grammar point per unit which go beyond only naming simple nouns
  • Full integration of the proven Wattsenglish Method of foreign language acquisition
  • Full homework pages based on watching the audio-visual material

Sample Worksheets (Wow! ORANGE)

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CD and DVD with interactive audio and video songs and video stories

  • Two unit specific video stories starring Steve and Maggie, that the young learners are encouraged to participate in and play along with
  • Unique ways of directly involving the children in each Steve and Maggie´s adventure
  • A fun and memorable song per unit which focuses the children on the main grammar point of the unit and is supported by two video song clips for you to watch and sing along to
  • Fun and entertaining, yet educational content that young learners will want to watch again and again

Sample Videoclips (Wow! ORANGE)

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Class Book on CD

  • Highly motivating and educational part of the course
  • Two cartoon stories per unit to highlight the key language of Steve and Maggie´s adventure in each unit. Can be used with or without the interactive DVD
  • Colourful pictures and fun activities to practise the target language
  • Full song lyrics accompanied by pictures and many motivating practice activities
  • Picture dictionary for each unit

Class Book Wow! ORANGE book on CD

Our own interactive application

  • British teacher Steve “right in your home”.
  • Access to all videos songs and video stories, plus bonuses.
  • Video content under control and without advertisements.
  • Access to a mobile application and website.


Teacher´s Book

  • Full teacher's guide to teaching and learning with the Wattsenglish Method
  • Includes many ideas, games and activities as well as notes on incorporating course supplementary materials

Teacher`s Book

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  • Endearing pictures to teach and practise the target language
  • An essential resource for card games and review activities

Wow! ORANGE Flashcards

CD for Teachers

  • Instrumental versions of all songs in the course to give flexibility and diversity to the songs that are so important in presenting and practising the target grammar point
  • Audio recordings of all classroom instructions for the Workbook so the children are exposed to even more contextualised language from a native English speaker

CD for Teachers - Wow! ORANGE book

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In addition to the above, the Teacher’s Pack also contains the following resources which are good for all Wow courses

Teaching Manual / Game Bank

  • Thorough outline of the Wattsenglish Method
  • Descriptions of teaching practices appropriate for the age
  • Detailed guide for games and activities appropriate for young learners

Teaching ManualGame Bank

Maggie Magpie Puppet

  • Provides stimulation to help children vocalise what they know
  • Provides help for the teacher to establish routines and discipline

Maggie Magpie Puppet

Happy and Sad Stamps

  • Happy face stamp to record progress
  • Sad face stamp to be used as a management tool if required

Sad StampHappy Stamp

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